Publicación de Artículos en Revistas

El equipo formado por los investigadores Corral, M.A.; Antonelli, L.; Sánchez, L.E y con la colaboración de la división de ciberseguridad MARISMA del grupo Sicaman, ha publicado un artículo denominado Health Ontology and Information Systems: A Systematic Review dentro de la revista  IEEE Transactions Latinoamerica – Special Edition Vol 15 Issue 1, January 2017    Pp. 103 – 120, ISSN: 1548-0992.

Este documento forma parte de los avances e investigaciones en el campo de la Ciberseguridad desarrolladas por el Grupo GSyA y la división de seguridad MARISMA del Grupo Sicaman.


One of the most important aspects for the development of information systems is that they were interoperable, so many initiatives consider that ontologies as useful tools for their development, especially when the application is in complex and dynamic domains as the case of health. In this article, a systematic review (SR) of the existing literature related to ontologies used in the health sector is carried out, not only to interpret and synthesize the available studies but also to provide a framework as a basis for conducting new researches. Recent publications (2010- 2016) in which topics such as the use and impact of ontologies in the development of information systems are discussed, taking into account the organizational objectives and the involved stakeholders were considered. The number of published studies shows a growing interest by researchers because they consider ontologies artifacts that facilitate interoperability, understanding of information and communication structures.


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