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El equipo formado por los investigadores García Rosado, D., Sánchez, L.E., Fernández Medina, E., Piattini, M. y con la colaboración de la división de ciberseguridad MARISMA del grupo Sicaman, ha publicado un artículo denominado Security in information systems: New Challenges and Opportunities dentro de la revista  Journal of Universal Computer Science (JUC.S), Vol.18, Octubre 2012,  Pp. 728-731. ISSN: 0948-695X, IDSNumber: 946MC, DOI: 10.3217/jucs-018-06, EID: 2-s2.0-84862701768, WOS: 000304354800001. Researchgate Journal Impact: 1.21.

Este documento forma parte de los avances e investigaciones en el campo de la Ciberseguridad desarrolladas por el Grupo GSyA y la división de seguridad MARISMA del Grupo Sicaman.


Information Systems Security is one of the most pressing challenges facing all kinds of organizations today. Although many companies have discovered how critical information is to the success of their business or operations, very few have managed to be effective in maintaining their information secure, avoiding unauthorized access, preventing intrusions, stopping secret information disclosure, etc. There are various definitions of security, but all of them basically agree on the same components. Security in information systems considers the protection of information and of the systems that manage it, against a wide range of threats in order to ensure business continuity, minimize risks and maximize the return on investment and business opportunities. Security is, therefore, currently a widespread and growing concern that covers all areas of society: business, domestic, financial, government, and so on. In fact, the so-called information society is increasingly dependent on a wide range of software systems whose mission is critical, such as air traffic control systems, financial systems, or public health systems. The potential losses that are faced by businesses and organizations that rely on all these systems, both hardware and software, therefore signify that it is crucial for information systems to be properly secured from the outset.

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