Participación en Congresos

El equipo formado por los investigadores Rosado, D.G., Sánchez, L.E., Fernández Medina, E., Piattini, M y con la colaboración de la división de ciberseguridad MARISMA del grupo Sicaman, ha participado con un artículo denominado Software Security. An Indispensable Subject for a Software Engineer dentro del International Technology, Education and Development Conference (INTED’10). Valencia, Spain, March, 2010,  Pp. 5423 – 5433. ISBN: 978-84-613-5538-9, IDSNumber: BEZ08, WOS: 000318805505034.

Este documento forma parte de los avances e investigaciones en el campo de la Ciberseguridad desarrolladas por el Grupo GSyA y la división de seguridad MARISMA del Grupo Sicaman.

Computer Security has come to be of great importance given the tremendous growth of new information technologies, Web services, electronic commerce, etc. Organizations are therefore concerned about how secure their applications and infrastructures are, and what the current security level of the information systems which manage their information is. This has therefore created the need to rely on new professionals in this environment (network administrators, secure Web servers installers and supervisors, data protection, auditing, contingency, recovery, etc.). The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is now implanted in the vast majority of the European Union’s Member States and partners, and is a basic benchmark through which to achieve transparency and harmonization of their teachings. In order to implant this system of credits to software engineering, an educational innovation project has been proposed in which the guidelines to follow for the adaptation of computer engineering subjects to the ECTS system are established. These subjects will be adapted to the methodologies and techniques in accordance with the ECTS system, and a detailed planning of educational activities and continuous assessment for each subject will be implemented. This paper presents the adaptation and implementation of a specific software engineering subject, Software Systems Security, which is part of the specific Teaching Project for Software Engineering Technology developed by identifying and adjusting the contents of this subject, first, to the guidelines defined in the ECTS system, and secondly, to the real needs that any software engineer may encounter in the present-day business world.


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